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ShowBiz Websites empower professional entertainers to create a promotional website that will get the gigs!

  • Easy – You don’t have to be “high tech”. We guide you through every step with video tutorials and one-on-one email support.
  • Quick – You can have your first website ready to go in less than two hours with our quick-start guide.
  • Professional – Your website will be at for a professional image. No “free site” advertisements.
  • Powerful – There is no limit to what we can build on your website. Each month we’ll be releasing new training sessions to expand and improve your site.
  • Affordable – Know that this covers all your website expenses from web hosting to domain registration. No more invoices from an expensive web designer every time you need an update!

Sample Sites

See how other entertainers have amazed themselves with the websites they were able to create so easily!

Easy To Edit

You’re in full control over your web pages. It’s easy to make changes. Build pages from pre-existng templates, or start from scratch. You’ll never have to wait for your web-guy again.

Add Multimedia

Sell your show with video, photos, and audio. All so very easy to add to your pages and feature within your content. Delivered to your audience through high speed web servers so they download fast!

Mobile Ready

With more and more website traffic moving onto phones and mobile devices, your new site is optimized to look great on small screens. It’s built in. You won’t even have to think about it. We’ll always be keeping up with modern technology.

Interactive Training

In addition to a growing collection of tutorials, each month will feature new training sessions to help you add more advanced features to your website. All in the interest of our primary goal: book more gigs!

Common Questions & Answers

I know nothing about websites, and really don't WANT to know. Will I be lost?

No. When I say that you will be building your own website, it doesn’t mean you have to get your hands dirty. With the technical system I’ve put in place, working on your website is about as easy as working on a text document. You’ll have hands-on support at your beck and call, and the video tutorials will really break it down step by step.

I know a little about web stuff, is this too beginner for me?

It depends on your priorities. Some people like to tinker with car engines, other people like to drive cars. I guess this is a “drivers wanted” program. If you want to focus on the business of entertaining, this is perfect for any technical skill level. Your experience will just allow you to move through the tutorials more quickly, and try some of the more advanced tutorials available. You will find that there are very few limits to what you can do with your website.

So, can I move my website somewhere else once it’s done?

Our goal is to make this a happy website home for years to come. Your monthly fee includes all training and tutorials and well as the regular monthly costs associated with a professional website. (hosting, domains, etc.) You may even find that you’ll be paying less than you are right now.

If you do wish to move your site in the future, you will have access to your regular site back-up, which could technically be taken to another web host and installed. However, it may get tricky as we will be using some specific software that must be licensed. This wouldn’t be able to go with you, and it may require you paying for your own licenses to get things working just the same way.

One thing to keep in mind, with the ongoing training and development, is that your website will never really be “done”. There’s always new things to add, improve, and expand upon.

Will this replace my current website?

This will be completely separate from anything you have up and running now. We can build it and work on it as long as you like before you officially make it “live”. Only when you decide it’s ready would we point to the new website. So there is no risk there.

Once you’re comfortable with your new website, you can shut down the old one, and cancel any web hosting you might be paying for. It won’t be needed anymore.

What if I change my mind? How can I cancel?

All new members get 30 days to try everything out. You won’t be billed until your second month.

You can cancel your membership at any time without penalty. If you do cancel, your membership will remain active until the end of the billing period.

As mentioned above, you’ll be able to export your site, but depending on software licensing may have difficulty recreating it exactly.

Try It Free for 30 Days

You’ll amaze yourself with your ability to create your own website, starting from scratch, in a matter of hours. With the no-risk trial period, you can evaluate your newly finished website long before you have a pay a dime for the service.

Full-Access Membership is just $15 USD per month. – No Contracts. Cancel Any Time.